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Registration 2016-2017 Season


The coming seasons registration deadline for Managers to register their team will be the 15th of August 2016

A player cannot register without the following

Copy of birth Cert. If new to league or club. 

€95 Registration Fee.

Completed Club profile Form.

Academy registration here

 Family Discount

 1st Child €95 2nd Child €60 and 3rd Child €40

What does my registration fee and €5 weekly fee cover?

Each year your registration fee and weekly sub is broken down as follows: The single biggest expense is Electricity for training areas each night. Insurance is also another big cost. This is a necessity to play for Newbridge Town FC.

It is also used to pay KDUL League fees, caretakers, bills like ESB, water charges for the clubhouse and any other maintenance costs for the pitches and facilities.

And if we are lucky it allows us to make some improvements to our club.

Teams charge an extra 5 euro fee per week per player, €2 of this goes to the club to pay toward central costs and €3 is kept by each team for the cost of refs, socks, shorts, training tops, equipment etc. 

5 euro per child per week.

2 children playing on a team 3 euro each per week.

3 children playing on team 3 euro each per week.

With all this explained above, for the 2016- 2017 season, the Club ask that all registration fees are paid in full by the dates above. This will allow the Club to allocate funds within the club quickly.

Any player that has not paid up in full will not be able to take part in any club activity.


It is expected that all players that register to play at our club will be available for the team. If you are aware that you are unable to attend matches or training due to other extracurricular activities, reconsider your participation in the club this year. Your inability to commit to the club is disruptive. It puts pressure on players from other teams to help your team out during matches, increases the burden on managers/coaches and result in forfeited matches and fines for the team. It could also result in a team being folded mid season which in turn will leave players with no team to play on and being unable to transfer to another club.

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